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The Science of a Meaningful Life Video Series

Provocative talks and revealing interviews with leading experts on the science of happiness, compassion, mindfulness, and more.

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Latest Video

Kristin Neff

The author and pioneering University of Texas psychologist explains how awareness of your own thoughts and feelings can lead you to be kinder toward yourself—and why this self-compassion brings a host of mental and physical health benefits.



Prior Speakers

Daniel Goleman

The bestselling author explores how the ability to focus might be the hidden driver of excellence.



Robert McClure

The mental health leader explores how mindfulness can help sustain compassion in health care workers.



Rhonda Magee

Rhonda Magee, JD, is Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of San Francisco.



Nancy Bardacke

The founding director of the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program explains why mindfulness can mitigate the stress and pain of childbirth for both women and men.



Shauna Shapiro

The author and Santa Clara University professor explains why mindfulness-based therapies work to develop compassion.



Emiliana Simon-Thomas

Emiliana Simon-Thomas is the science director of the Greater Good Science Center.



Paul Gilbert

Author and therapist Paul Gilbert explores how awareness of how our own minds work can help break negative thought patterns and help us to become more compassionate.



Dacher Keltner

The UC Berkley psychology professor and faculty director of the Greater Good Science Center explores the evolutionary roots of compassion and empathy.



Robert M. Sapolsky

The best-selling author and Stanford University professor explains why the stress response, which evolved for short-term physical crises, can become a long-term, chronic problem for human beings—and how we can reduce the impact of stress on our lives.



Fred Luskin

The director of the trailblazing Stanford University Forgiveness Projects shares what he has learned from two decades of helping people let go of their grudges.



Christine Carter

The sociologist and bestselling author of Raising Happiness draws on a combination of research and personal experience to reveal the secrets of joyful parenting.



John Gottman

The country's leading marriage researcher explores why trust is vital to healthy relationships and healthy communities, and he explains how to build it.



Rick Hanson

The best-selling author and trailblazing psychologist explains how we can use our brains to boost positive emotions and positive experiences.



Jack Kornfield

The renowned author and teacher explores how and why to forgive, drawing on Buddhist psychology and other wisdom.



Mary Gordon

The founder and president of Roots of Empathy, a program that brings babies into classrooms to teach children compassion, shares stories and research from her program’s worldwide success.



Barbara Fredrickson

One of the world's leading researchers on positive emotions discusses how cultivating positivity can change our relationships, our cells, and our outlook on life.



Philip Zimbardo

The director of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiment explains how we can transcend the psychology of evil to find our inner hero.



Robert Emmons

The world's leading expert on the science of gratitude reveals the power of gratitude to transform our lives and offers tips for cultivating it.



Daniel Siegel

The renowned psychiatrist and author of The Mindful Brain and Brainstorm explains how better understanding our inner lives can improve our mental health and transform our relationships with others.



Sonja Lyubomirsky

One of the world's top experts on the science of happiness discusses what happiness is, why it matters, and gives research-tested strategies for boosting happiness in everyday life.



Paul Ekman

The renowned psychologist shows what Darwin and the Dalai Lama have in common, explores the roots of heroism, and discusses the need for a global compassion.



Jon Kabat-Zinn

The founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program discusses the connection between mindfulness and compassion, and how to build mindfulness in everyday life.




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The Evolutionary Roots of Compassion

Dacher Keltner explains why Darwin thought compassion is humans’ strongest instinct.


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